1. AIChE
    Puts forward information about a professional organization for chemical engineers, AIChE, with flagship magazines and publications on various topics.
  2. Chemwatch
    The intended readership of this weblog is chemical safety authorities and SDS management seeking ways to keep chemical management systems up to date.
  3. Fauske & Associates, LLC
    This chemical company provides several blogs which explore process safety and consulting solutions about nuclear and industrial chemicals.
  4. ICB
    Offers insightful topics about up-to-date news, in-depth analytics, and current trends about the industrial chemicals sector.
  5. IChemE
    Professional blogs from the institution of chemical engineers that provides insights and in-depth information on chemical engineering and process safety.
  6. The Chemical Engineer
    A weblog dedicated to providing the latest news, journals, and job updates from the chemical sector, biochemical, and process engineering.


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