1. Customer Communications Group, Inc.
    A blog focusing on financial marketing by providing daily news, updates, and ideas on how businesses can grow their customer list and make profits.
  2. Forbes
    Financial portal with information on business, investing, tech, entrepreneurs ideas and leadership.
  3. Frugalwoods
    This blog serves as a resource for people interested in learning more about being financially independent through maintaining simple lifestyles.
  4. Insight Financial Marketing
    Weblog with information on managing campaigns, marketing, and customer satisfaction tips for small, medium, and large-scale companies to grow and make profits.
  5. Money Under 30
    Founded by David Weliver, this weblog presents real advice that will help young adults make actionable decisions regarding their finance and stay out of debt.
  6. Purchase Order Financing
    A blog site specialized in funding, trade finance and PO financing to a wide variety of businesses.
  7. Squawkfox
    Kerry K. Taylor, a personal finance blogger, and a financial journalist presents blog topics to help you become financially stable and be able to manage your money.
  8. The Financial Brand
    Features daily news and other information about the credit union and banking industry with new trends on how financial institutions grow their trademark.
  9. The Penny Hoarder
    Offers discussion for businesses, individuals, and groups to stay financially stable by providing blog posts on money-making, savings, budgeting, and other related topics.


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