1. Cosmetics Europe
    A blog site dedicated to providing news, tips, and unleashed thought aimed at helping individuals and groups make the right choice in personal care and cosmetics.
  2. Face Flawless Skin
    Blog entries include those about beauty and skincare advice for black women including tips on maintaining flawless skin.
  3. kimberlyloc
    This weblog contains unleashed thoughts regarding natural beauty and lifestyle with mention of effective skincare products.
  4. Personal Care N Heal
    Focuses on helping persons with information and ideas about fitness, mental health, cycling, and general well-being.
  5. Scree
    This blog site focuses on helping individuals with information, tips, and ideas about how to care for their skin, beard, and general personal care.
  6. Stephenson
    Personal care is the topic of this blog which scrutinizes, assesses, and critique various personal care manufacturing ingredients, as well as products and solutions that work.
  7. The Blissful Mind
    The professional blog of Catherine, expert mindset coach and personal care blogger, offers prejudiced perceptions on stress reduction and having less exhaustion for well being.


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