1. DelveInsight
    Maintained by a business consulting company, this blog focuses on providing ideas and updates on pharmaceutical research, development, and data.
  2. DrugPatentWatch
    Blog entries include those about small molecule drugs addressing drug patent watch, pricing, and reports in the industry.
  3. Elsevier
    A pharmaceutical research and development blog with topics covering the discovery of new drugs, drug regulations, drug safety monitoring, among others.
  4. Fierce Pharma
    A blog focusing on the topics of drugs and drug manufacturing companies providing information about the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Optymyze Blog
    Offers discussion for pharmacists about pharmaceutical solutions, recent development general knowledge.
  6. Pharmaceutical Technology
    Offers a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the global pharmaceutical and biochemistry industry.
  7. Pharmacy Times
    Covers pharmacy and clinics with emphasis on healthcare personnel, health centers, and clinical conditions.
  8. PharmaVOICE
    This weblog features topics on pharmaceutical resources and commentary for pharmacists and healthcare personnel.
  9. PhRMA
    Provides commentary on America's biopharmaceutical companies with inspirations on drug research, discovery, and development.


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