1. C.H. Robinson
    Topics discussed in this weblog include items about freight and transportation services, transportation market, and 3PL among others.
  2. DAT
    Discussions about truck freight, transportation brokerage, transportation industry data, and updates dominate this blog.
  3. Echo
    Transportation is the main concept of this weblog which also features freight, logistics, and freight shipping categories.
  4. Forto
    Available here are items written about logistics, including climate change and every other idea necessary for the transportation industry.
  5. General Aviation News
    Transportation blog website offers information about the world of general aviation to our subscribers.
  6. Human Transit
    The perspective of this blog is from a consultant Jarrett Walker who specializes in public transit offering professional advice on transit planning, design, and how to effectively use them.
  7. Logistics Viewpoints
    Offers advice and information about logistic trends, expertise, and policy from the perspective of professionals in the sector.
  8. NGT News
    Entries on this blog are about the transportation industry and include such things as innovations and technologies that will improve the next generation in the sector.
  9. Planenews Aviation News
    Transportation blog website containing general aviation news, airlines, military and aerospace industry.
    This blog has opinions from experienced truckers on trucking products, tips, careers, and other information related to trucks and transportation.
  11. Z Transportation
    Some of the items written about here are transportation and trucking news as well as trucking tips that impact the industry.


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