1. Better Health
    Better Health is a network of popular health bloggers, brought together by Dr. Val Jones, founder and CEO.
  2. Harvard Health Publishing
    A Harvard medical school blog that shares thoughts, discussions, and news about common health conditions, tips on staying safe, among other health resources.
  3. Healthista
    Shares expert tips, stories, experiences, and information on general health care, fitness, mother and baby health as well as sex and beauty.
  4. KHN
    Provides news, insights, and information about a wide range of health issues including vaccines, aging, health care costs, and its allied topics.
  5. Massage Blog
    Massage blog news. Great articles about different types of massage therapy and alternative healing medicine.
  6. Mercola
    Maintained by an author and osteopathic physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, the weblog covers topics on natural health hacks, with mention of fitness, pet care, and food facts.
  7. MobiHealthNews
    A digital platform that provides news, updates, and general information about trends in the healthcare sector including healthcare finance among others.
  8. MyFitnessPal Blog
    Topics on the blogs here focus mainly on fitness and nutrition. The weblog also provides articles relating to weight loss and healthy lifestyle inspirations.
  9. NPR
    Maintained by a news company, this weblog provides recent news and updates about health, treatments, tests, and public health topics.
    Sets forth details about a wide range of topics such as politics, health, and technology. Also mentioned here are different health issues and suggestions to their management.
  11. Wellness Mama
    Contains information about a healthy family lifestyle with teachings, hacks, and research about home keeping, care for kids and pets, among others.


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