1. Better Health
    Presents information about different topics on healthcare from the perspective of professional health bloggers to promote well-being and innovations.
  2. Ciox
    This blog aims to encourage, educate and inspire people with articles concerning health technology, clinical revenue integrity, medical coding, and lots more.
  3. Healthmark Group Blog
    Discussions here include topics such as the release of healthcare information, provision of healthcare solutions as well as patient intake.
  4. Maven Health Guide
    This journal shares with the reader information about health management, sharing such things as dental health, immune system, parenthood, food, and nutrition.
  5. Medical Executive-Post
    An emerging online and onground community that connects medical professionals with financial advisors and management consultants.
  6. NCQA Blog
    With topics such as health care research, the bloggers offer information on trends and innovations on a health plan, delivering better care, and improving the healthcare value system.
  7. The Health Care Blog
    A health management blog offering information concerning the entire healthcare system with categories ranging from health tech, health policy, medical practice, and health care business.


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