1. Beachbody On Demand
    Presents topics on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and recipes. The weblog also discusses recipes, innovations, and hacks in food and nutrition.
  2. Dr Weil's Daily Blog
    Offers natural health information to those on the path to optimal health, according to the principles of integrative medicine.
  3. HUM Nutrition
    Discusses ways of maintaining healthy skin, hair, body, and mind with emphasis on food, scientific researches, and their various hacks.
  4. Kath Eats
    For those who are searching the web looking for ways to eat real food and maintain a healthy mindset, this blog is dedicated to anyone who is been looking for recipes, nutrition, and lifestyle tips.
  5. Legion
    The focus of this weblog is on weight loss. It also provides such topics as healthy nutrition, supplements, muscle-building tips, and workouts.
  6. Nutrition Stripped
    Operated by a registered dietician McKel Kooienga, this weblog is focused on helping people who struggle with the confusion caused by conflicting nutritional information.
    Free tips and information for people trying to figure out nutritional researches and ways of eating healthy. This blog has updates and resources on new drugs and procedures.
  8. Salad in a Jar
    A blog with topics on preparing delicious salads, salad dressings, salad recipes and how to eat dessert without dieting.
  9. Sarah Remmer
    Discussions here are on nutritional counseling with categories ranging from picking eating help, prenatal and postal nutrition, child and adolescent nutrition.
  10. The Nutritionist Reviews
    Amanda Hernandez, a dietician and blogger writes and shares her knowledge and experiences on different subjects such as food, nutrition, fitness, and parenting.


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