1. Bike Reviews Hub
    A self-described guy shares his cycling experiences, and brings readers along with how-to biking tips, and unbiased reviews on all types of bikes.
  2. Bike Snob NYC
    Published and maintained by Elliott Weiss, this weblog chronicles his experience as an urban cyclist, and unleashes details pertaining to the world of cycling.
  3. BikeExchange Blog
    Serves as a resource for cyclists intending to get maintenance tips for their bicycles, with entries about riding advice, bike selection guides, and more.
  4. BikePortland
    A reliable source for daily biking news advocating for cyclists in Portland and beyond with blog posts on cycling issues and related contents.
  5. BikeRumor
    A weblog that brings the most interesting cycling news for e-bikes, cyclocross, and stories relative to road cycling as well as other kinds of biking.
  6. BikingBro
    This weblog features articles on tricks and tips for cycling and biking enthusiasts across the globe as well as reviews on bikes and bike accessories.
  7. Icebike
    The blog’s main features include in-depth bike reviews, deals, and brands; long-distance bicycle tours, and articles about the best cycling options for kids.
  8. Podium Cafe
    This blog follows cycling fan perspective and their opinions, chronicling the latest news, analysis, and everything which cyclists need to know.
  9. Seattle Bike Blog
    An independent journalist and biking lover, Tom Fucoloro, keeps this blog in which he writes about things such as safe cycling, bike-sharing, and biking support.


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