1. Eater
    This blog serves as a resource for travelers who want to get up-to-date food news and dinning guides on the world's best food cities around the world.
  2. Fast Casual
    Entries provide details about comprehensive research, news, and resourceful articles on the latest food and beverage trends in the casual restaurant industry.
  3. Food&Beverage Magazine
    Furnishes resources with different topics and a lot of ideas on food and beverages for restaurant and hospitality influencers across the globe.
  4. Grub Street
    Maintained by the New York magazine, this food blog covers reviews and posts with full insights about several diets and restaurant-opening details.
  5. Marketing 4 Restaurants
    The professional blog of James Eling offers opinionated viewpoints on restaurants marketing using websites and comprehensive SEO strategies.
  6. QSRweb
    An online resource featuring insightful blogs by restaurant consultants and industry experts covering such topics as trends and menu development among others.
  7. Restaurant Business
    Features blogs and latest news from the foodservice industry that cover all aspects of online restaurant business ideas and growth strategies.
  8. Total Food Service
    Offers a wide range of information about commercial restaurants, exclusive food reviews, and emerging trends from the global foodservice industry.


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