1. HelloWorld
    Provides information and tips to help students and other hostel occupants to maintain comfortable lifestyles as well as necessary ideas for homeowners.
  2. HI USA
    Billed as a blog for people who like to travel, this weblog describes and prices hostels, food, and hacks for staying in hostels among others.
    Shares tips and general information about top cities for trips, hostels, travel inspirations as well as ideas on how to budget for travel, events, and festivals in various destinations.
  4. Hostelling International
    A variety of issues and topics, mostly relating to hostels are presented with other topics including travel destinations, hostel maintenance tips, and lots of travel tips.
  5. Hostelworld Blog
    Discussions about top-rated hotels that you can stay during travel, as well as a guide on traveling, and adventures to embark on, all from expert travel bloggers are provided here.
  6. The Notch Hostel
    This weblog is a resource for tourists for it provides necessary information and the latest updates on different kinds of hostels with recommendations, as well as mountain tours.


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