1. A Lady in London
    Allows the readers to discover the beautiful natural reserves, recreational centers, and hills across England backed by pictures and videos.
  2. BaldHiker
    The stated purpose of this blog is to give people an idea of where to go for travel with categories including walks, photography, and lifestyle.
    This blog is about travel with topics including ideas on choosing cool hotels, pet-friendly travel, beautiful locations, and travel snobs.
  4. Inside the Travel Lab
    Written by a journalist, author, and broadcaster Abigail King, this blog has surprising stories about travel destinations and commentaries about her experiences traveling around the world.
  5. KHM Travel Group
    A weblog providing useful tips and resources for travel agents and aspiring travel agents with categories for travel agent marketing, travel agent resources, and destinations.
  6. The Travel Agent
    Contains information about planning a trip as well as helpful tips, news, and links for extraordinary journeys and corporate travels.
  7. Travel Agency
    Billed as a travel guide, this weblog maintained by a travel agency sets out to explore all aspects of tours, cruise ships, and liners across foreign destinations.
  8. Wingman Travel Agency
    Founded by Quemarce Khaiatzadeh, this blog offers advice, recommendations, tips, and information about travel accommodations, tour packages, cruises, and destinations.


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