1. Anywhere We Roam
    Allows the readers to discover the world, and plan vacations, travel tours while offering travel tips, and information about adventures, resorts, and unique destinations.
  2. Budget Travel
    Offers the best research tool with information about traveling around America for vacation on road trips, rediscovering national parks, cruises, and adventures.
  3. GlobeNotes
    The stated aim of this blog is to give people the opportunity to share their travel experiences with their loved ones ranging from adventure travel to tours to locations across the globe.
  4. I am Aileen
    Billed as a solo female travel blog, this weblog sets out to tour all aspects of lifestyle and travel with an emphasis on budget travel, luxury travel, travel tips, and activities.
  5. Secret Flying
    This travel holiday blog offers information and tips about the latest flight deals across the globe with updates on traveling with various airlines.
  6. Sidetracked
    The entries here show locations as well as other places the blogger visits and things to find attractions such as adventure travel, and tours.
  7. The Travel Hack
    A travel and family lifestyle blog with Monica sharing her encounters and expertise in adventure travel, hacks for holiday journeys, and other ideas.
  8. Travel With Bender
    The main focus of this blog maintained by Josh Bender, is an inspiration as it applies to travel with unleashed thoughts about vacation planning from the first-hand experience.


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